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December 2, 2010

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Here are a few of my favorite things…

December 1, 2010

In pop culture right now!

Hating Glee: I just can’t figure this show out.  Why do people love it?  Are these kids really singing?  Is it necessary to have every stereotypical high school kid in this glee club? I come from the age of 90210 where it was a core group of kids, all of them almost the same, with the occasional stereotype making an appearance and then vanishing.  Glee would be better if the geeks were the hardcore glee club members and the cool kids and cheerleaders tried to join and got booted!  Now that is a show I would watch.

The Walking Dead on AMC: This show premiered with 3 million more viewers than the Mad Men season finale and has increased its audience through this short first season (which ends next week).  Rumors are starting of an October 2011 Season 2 premiere…Plus, the main character in the show is British, but plays a Sheriff from the South, and that amazes me how he can just lose his accent.  Like the guy who plays Jason in True Blood…he is Australian! Crazy stuff… plus zombies are cool.

Mad Men on AMC: I was totally late in the game on Mad Men, but this show is PHENOMENAL.  The cast, the clothes, the stories!  Season 1 through 3 are out on DVD and I highly suggest you watch all of them. Now. Immediately.  You have until late March to get through the first 3 seasons, because March looks to be the date of the Season 4 release date.  Amazon is already taking pre-orders.  If you can’t wait for March 2011, may I suggest watching Jon Hamm on SNL, 30 Rock, The Town and the thousand of google images if you search his name (not that I have ever done that. mhmm. I swear. Kind of.)

Etsy,com: Need a gift? Need a gift that is different than the stuff at the mall?  Need a gift that is handmade? Need a gift that is inexpensive? Need custom invitations? Need one of a kind artwork? Check out etsy.com.  Their searches provide an overwhelming amount of results (which I realized when searching the words boy birthday invitation), but you can narrow them down to find exactly what you need.  You can even shop locally.  It is a nice change of pace and a sweet way to support crafty people without hearing the words scrapbook or gift wrapping room.

Woot.com: I am obsessed with this site. One Day, One Deal. $5 shipping. Sometimes there is a Woot Off! which is an ongoing amount of deals that could last 1 hour or 3 days, and always ends with the bag of crap.  Who would want a bag of crap? YOU WOULD. It is by far the hardest item to get on this site.  Servers crash! Webpages freeze! Wooters scream in frustration! But the bag of crap (BOC) is the ultimate prize.  The last one to arrive at our office in October (our mailroom guy, Josue, manages to get them more often than not) consisted of an iphone case, about ten 2010 desk calendars (boo), 3 lawn sprinklers, video cables of some kind, a PGA backpack and hat. Luckily, this time they left out the High School Musical alarm clocks.

NPH/Barney Stinson: Who knew that the actor of a show that I watched in 1989 about a teenage genius doctor, would become one of my favorite characters now!  Not me!  For all I knew, Neal Patrick Harris vanished just like Tiger Beat Magazine did… but Tiger Beat is still around (shocking, I know) and so is NPH and he is better than ever!  If you have not watched How I Met Your Mother on CBS, you should.  You will be out looking for your own silk pajama suit in no time.

Things that need no explanation: 30 Rock. Big Bang Theory. Steig Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. HIMYM. Modern Family. Cougar Town (totally underrated). Chelsea Handler. NY Giants. Muse. Girl Talk. Conan on TBS.

I am sure I have left out many things, but there will be more to add come 2011!!

Is this thing still on?

November 30, 2010

So I stumbled upon my own blog today, after not posting since March of 2009 and realized… it may be time to relaunch T-Pantz!

Lots has happened since my last post on TrashyPantz… babies entered the world, friends got married and my own little blog had its own table at the Roach-Wedow wedding!  I had finally hit the big time!

So this post is a test to see if this WordPress Facebook merging app thingy actually works…and I hope to be able to continue posting fun things to share with all of you.

Who needs the weatherman?

May 21, 2009

Not us!  They are always wrong!

(And they do perverted things with a green screen,see image above!)

If you want the most accurate, intelligent forecast out there for let’s say… Oswego, NY… or any other city… CLICK HERE!

Green Day is #1 without retailer #1

May 21, 2009

Most of you already know that I have a severe hatred towards Wal-Mart for many reasons, too many to list here.

This week, Green Day’s newest album, 21st Century Breakdown, was released without being sold in Wal-Mart stores nationwide.  Wal-Mart is now considered the largest record store in America and asked the band to censor their album for language and content.  Green Day band members said NO… and good for them.  The band still managed to be the #1 selling album in America with out the help if Wal-Mart.
To read more about the details and the band’s point of view of why they refused Wal-Mart’s request, click here.

Lions and losses and logos… oh my!

April 21, 2009

So the worst team in the NFL, the Detroit Lions, unveiled a new logo for their team today. This should cure all their football problems!

The classic Honolulu blue, white and black colors remain unchanged, the team said in a news release.  A new team uniform was also unveiled.  Unfortunately for the Detroit Lions, the name of the  leaping lion mascot that’s adorned the team’s helmets since the early 1960’s remains unchanged.  He will still be knows as… Bubbles.  BAD ASS!

Does anyone even remember what the old logo looked like?  Probably not since most of their games didn’t even air at the end of last season.

The Cure… for old age

April 21, 2009

Today, lead singer of The Cure, Robert Smith, turns FIFTY!!


Even though the band has been around for over 30 years, they just played Cochella Sunday night in California.  The band even played 33 minutes past their allowed set time.  See… 50 year old lipsitck and eyeliner wearing front men can still rock!

Boyle oh Boyle!

April 13, 2009

Normally I try to keep any video posts no longer than 2 minutes, but when I saw this video of 47 year old Susan Boyle on Britian’s Got Talent, I had to post it.

This poor woman is about to perform in front of a huge audience and three judges, one of which is Simon Cowell!

Check out the video below to see the outcome!

More Melrose Madness!!

April 13, 2009

Thomas Calabro will be reprising his role as Dr. Mancini, the good guy-turned-cheater, a source tells PEOPLE.

Calabro, who appeared every season in the original Melrose Place will be back on the CW version of Melrose!

First Sydney and now Michael… I may have to tune in!!!  Jane better make a guest appearance!

It’s A Miracle!!!

April 6, 2009

Laura Leighton’s character Sydney Andrews is back from the dead to star in the CW’s new version of Melrose Place.

She got run over at the end of the original Melrose Place season five! See, it really is a miracle!

Sydney will recur as the landlord of Melrose Place and presumably serves as a kind of den mother.

I tried to find a more bad ass Sydney pic, like when she went all crazy and went to Vegas to marry Michael and then her sister Jane showed up while Sydney was in her wedding dress… damn I miss this show!